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About LarryBot

Hi and Welcome to the LarryBot® project!
We are the team of young but professional traders and programmers from Russia and Ukraine.
We have spent 3 years to build, develop and tune up our diamond - LarryBot®.

LarryBot® is a BTC trading bot using scalping technology which allows you to get profit even within one trading day!
If you are professional trader, you can diversify your existing tools using our bot. But if you are beginner in trading and just want to earn extra profit - you are welcome.
You don’t need to have any knowledges of crypto trading to start cooperation with us.

Join our bot and earn from 1% to 3% of the net profit every day!

How does the bot work?

Definitely, we will not share all of our trading secrets, but some things you have to know:
  • LarryBot® is a scalping trading bot, which founds best moments to buy or sell bitcoins
  • It uses Larry Williams oscillator as a main tool, but also takes into account other trading indicators
  • It is scalping, but not long-term strategy. We make all deals within a trading day
  • No matter if Bitcoin goes up or down, bot can catch local peaks for profitable buys and sells
  • All bot trades are processed via Binance stock exchange

You can see daily reports in your cabinet.

How much can you earn?

BTC market is very volatile and unpredictable. But what we can say:
  • Bot is designed to increase your BTC amount. It works the way tomorrow you will definitely have more BTC than you have today. If BTC rate drops down - it is not a bot issue, it will continue to grow up your BTC amount
  • Every day bot gets a profit from 0.5% up to 15% in BTC, average is 3%. You can check last 10 days statistics here
  • You will share the profit with our team. Depending on the amount you invest, sharing formula will be different
  • No matter how succesful trades were, we guarantee minimum 1% of daily profit in bitcoins

  • IMPORTANT! If you invest in USD and expect getting USD profit - be careful! BTC/USD rate can easily drop down and you will for sure get profit in BTC (your total amount will increase), but you can loose your USD value. Use our bot only if you believe in further BTC growth and you are BTC hodler.

Profit sharing

 Invested amount from 0.01 BTC up to
0.1 BTC

We grant you with 50% of the bot daily profit (but not less than 1%). Calculated daily
Choose any option from the left to see how much you could earn for the last 10 days
 Invested amount from 0.1 BTC up to

We grant you with 60% of the bot daily profit (but not less than 1%). Calculated daily
 Invested amount from 1 BTC up to

We grant you with 70% of the bot daily profit (but not less than 1%). Calculated daily

So, in any case you will get not less than 1% every day. As your BTC amount increases daily, you are guaranteed to get 35% of the monthly profit. In fact, you will get much more (40% - 60%)

How to start earning with the bot?

It's quite easy. You need to register first (REMEMBER: multiple accounts are not allowed and will be deactivated!).
Then you should log in, go to your cabinet and transfer funds to your internal balance. You can do it using 'Add Funds' menu.
Now we use 3 payment processors to receive your money:
  • CoinPayments. You can send money directly in bitcoins or in many other cryptocurrencies. Commission fee is 0.5%
  • PerfectMoney. You can invest in USD, and your funds will be converted automatically according to the current BTC rate.
  • FreeKassa. You can invest in USD/RUB via VISA/Master, QIWI, Yandex, Banks and your funds will be converted automatically according to the current BTC rate.
Thats all! You don't need to choose any plans or do anything else - just keep money on your balance and bot will bring you a profit.

IMPORTANT! If you transfer money today, bot will start using them next day only. So, it is more clever to charge your balance at the end of the day (but earlier than 00:00 GMT).

IMPORTANT!! If your balance is less than 0.01 BTC, bot will not do any trades. So, keep the balance greater than (or equal) 0.01 BTC.

How to control the balance and bot activities?

You don’t need to set up the bot or to control it’s options. All work is to be done automatically. Every day bot uses your balance to perform all the trades.
If you need to check your current balance, you can go to your private cabinet and see it at the «Dashboard».
If you want to see last bot trades with your assets, you can go to the cabinet and choose «Bot Reports» menu.
Reports are updated every day from 00:00 GMT till 00:30 GMT. You can see the stat for yesterday and last days, but you cannot monitor current activities online, because we protect our trading algorithm from copying.

How to withdraw money?

It is quite easy. In the cabinet you need to choose «Cash Request» menu. We have 3 possible options:
  • Normal
    Bot will stop activities starting from 00:00 GMT next day. You will receive funds to your external wallet next day (but not later than in 24 hours)
  • Express
    Bot will try to finalize the best deals within the current day. You will receive funds to your external wallet within 6 hours. But you will need to pay the commission of 5% for the rush
  • Urgent
    Bot will stop dealing with your funds immediately. You will receive funds to your external wallet within 3 hours. But you will need to pay the commission of 10% for the rush

If you want to receive USD to your PerfectMoney wallet, we will make conversion according to the current rate.

Last 10 days trade statistics

21.02.2020 - 1.85%
20.02.2020 - 1.14%
19.02.2020 - 9.37%
18.02.2020 - 0.29%
17.02.2020 - -100.00%
16.02.2020 - 4.03%
15.02.2020 - 2.00%
14.02.2020 - 2.13%
13.02.2020 - 0.27%
12.02.2020 - 2.90%

Yesterday Bot operations

Time (GMT)OperationPriceExchange
21.02 02:42:35SELL9708.17BINANCE
21.02 05:33:30BUY9669.7BINANCE
21.02 13:07:55SELL9747.01BINANCE
21.02 15:11:22BUY9675.01BINANCE
21.02 15:33:28SELL9724.22BINANCE
21.02 21:32:44BUY9656.45BINANCE
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